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Rugby League Live 3 Press Release
(12-23-2014, 01:34 PM)Phousey Wrote:
(12-23-2014, 12:14 PM)Yuna Wrote:
(12-23-2014, 10:24 AM)lionmaul Wrote:
(12-22-2014, 02:15 PM)Josh Wrote: Really hoping the graphics improve ATM they aren't looking great

Don't understand what all the fuss is about the screenshots. RLL2 already looked pretty good. So I doubt it will look worse? Aren't you more interested on how the new game play features play out?
Struggle tackle?
Improved Kicking?
Play calling?
New tactics?

Cheers and Salud

Where does it say that the new features will include Improved Kicking, Play calling and New tactics??

The only comments I can see about gameplay is this • Dynamic Tackling System: Fend and break tackle your way past multiple defenders and use the new dynamic Struggle and Drag system to burst over the line to score or alternatively drag them into touch!

plays were always in the game, whether you realised it or not every player ran a certain line which you could turn into a play. i don't see why they have to state something they already had?

If play calling ain't in the game I hope they keep the same format as rll2 of players running lines with more variations.i really had fun discovering the different plays u can pull off.
I'm curious to see what comes out of 'tactics' whether it's a aggression slider and Ai behaviour slider for defence attack and field position
i.e you might have a conservative team in the red zone (your own 40) where it's forwards running off the hooker and then a kick on 4th/5th or aggressive would be limited hit ups (one maybe two settlers) and throwing the ball around looking for backs and particular wingers (risk/reward gameplay)

Also likely hood to go for the kick or a ground game in the oppositions half and then opposition 20

It would be awsome if the AI recognised urgency in terms of If they are behind there gameplay adjusted and if in the lead you would concentrate on possetin and keeping the opposition in the 40

Good old fashioned arm wrestle

Also sliders determining aggression in defence, high big hits could lead to opposition ball turnover and momentum shifts but also risk of penalties and visa versa

Alternatively tactics include set plays who knows?? All exciting stuff
Haven't been on here in a few days, came back to great news! Big Grin Man, most of the features listed, is what I've been craving for in a Rugby League game. Be a pro, the struggle system, In depth Replays. Sounds excellent. Can't wait!
I made my comment before actually seeing that it was an early beta screenshot. Can't wait for the new screenshots to be realised
Early beta from when? 1982?

I am interested to find out what differences exist between NG and OG versions.
I have to say, whilst I'm happy Tru Blu are around to publish these games, I do think they're more than a little sloppy on the marketing front and really don't get why they didn't collaborate more with BigAnt on the press release. By releasing early beta screenshots they've simply given fodder to trolls.

On the announcement proper - quite pleased to read about the new tackling system, be a pro and career mode. Also happy they've done some work with the lighting, as anything but a day game looked a little too dark in the last game I thought. A very minor aesthetic thing, but I hope you've also done some work on the grass for this one - looked a little PS2 in the last edition.

In terms of other gameplay features, I'm also hoping players move a little more freely this time around and that you have more control at dummy half.

This last point is a big one for me. Whilst I loved the last game, the animation trap you get stuck with during the play the ball almost entirely eliminates any opportunity for a quick play the ball. I'd love there to be some option in this game where you can run in with the dummy half for a quick scoop and dash.

There should be a risk/reward factor though - you should have control over how quick your tackled player gets up to play it to start with, and then be able to make your player dash in.

The risk factor should be that speeding up the play the ball should lead to a risk of knock-ons (like in real life when the drop it whilst quickly trying to slam it down) - a risk that increases with fatigue. This should also be a factor for the dummy half - the attempt to run in for a quick scoop and dash should be harder for forwards to do (so a higher knock on risk) and also get trickier with fatigue even for guys like Cam Smith.

I'm not sure to what extent all that would be feasible at this stage from a programming stand-point, but as the dummy half dash is such a big part of the game I really don't think you can afford to leave it as is either.
We've done a lot of work around the play of the ball, quick play, defence holding down, etc. are all there with a risk/reward and some AI if you're starting to annoy the ref's.

One of the biggest differences is the movement in game, it is very responsive, more responsive than anything we've done before for sure.

Big Ant Studios store at
That's great to hear, also is running from acting half effective this time round? Was tackled by the the square markers every time on RLL2 even with really fast players
XBL Gamertag: viCompt (360 + One).
HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will you be able to make players positions as utility, or maybe utility forward/utility back? There are quite a few players who can play more than 3 positions.

Will the Challenge Cup be on the game? Its been missing from every Rugby League game so far and its a significant part of the sport, especially in the UK.

Very glad to hear about the improvements to dummy half and to tackling.

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