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Stadiums in rll3
I'd just put that down to an error on my behalf, I just scribbled them all down then wrote them here. Don't stress.
im glad to see the scgh is back in but I hope all vintage and nsw cup and qld cup fields are put in. plus has anything new being announced or still just the player hub? and would anyone have a clue or fair idea on how many teams and players you would be allowed to make
1300 Smiles Stadium isn't there because I think it is 'Willows' (Willows Sports Complex). Good news for Cowboys fans but disappointing for us Salford fans who wanted to relive the memories of The Willows!
Any chance of doing a playing field(s)? Not a stadium, just the kind of place an amateur/semi-pro team might play or where a pro team might train?

Stadium builder would obviously be amazing but I imagine that it isn't going to feature any time soon.
Stadium builder is going to happen, it's on the roadmap for sure, it won't happen for RLL3.

There is an announcement that is going through the required approvals, you will soon know what is in the game.

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Excitement levels just increased...
The Willows is the Salford Willows I believe, they dont have all in there yet so dont worry, hoping for NSW Cup grounds like North Sydney Oval and Henson Park and QLD Cup grounds.

sorry Dann you are right, no sponsorship agreement as of yet for the game.
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Is there a little game at the G this year? Wink

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