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My considerations for grand slam difficulty
I've been playing grand slam for quite a long time now and here some things that could improve the game

1. Make less than perfect balls more inacurate. Yellows more erratic on trajectory and reds more often completely off the court instead of going allways straight to the net. This is valid for serves too, as even on porpose I cant foul to the sides, all my foul serves are on the net.

2. The ai needs to send more balls to the net, they almost never hit it, and it looks horrible we are allways hitting the net and they never hit it.

3. As on Legend, Wawrinka, Kachanov and Goffin sill end matches with just 2 or so unforced errors.

Those would be a huge improvement for the grand slam difficulty. In fact, due to the first 2 I dont like how the game plays right now.

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