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Suggestions for Improvement
Just a few suggestions for improvement for the next installment of the Ashes/Cricket 19 series. After playing Cricket 19 extensively for a year I decided to load up the previous game Ashes Cricket just to compare the two. The graphics, lighting and colors in Cricket 19 are definitely better than Ashes Cricket. However I feel that the fielding in Ashes Cricket is much better than Cricket 19. In terms of batting, Cricket 19 is definitely better and a step up on Ashes cricket for physics, animations and feel. I feel that in the next installment Cricket 20 or 21 or which ever, they should look to combine the fielding of Ashes Cricket with everything else of Cricket 19. Some other general improvements would be weather conditions and pitch conditions being more interactive like slow playing pitches that are soft compared to hard pitches offering a little more bounce. Also the rain, its terrible, you can't tell that its raining sometimes. Also, the broadcast camera settings do not match the style of a real broadcast. Big Ant should look at EA Sports 07 for their broadcast camera for what a tv broadcast looks more like. Of course also the commentary has miles to improve. Other than these its a solid cricket game, very fun with enough realism to an excellent game. Hopefully Big Ant is looking at these forums!
One thing that could change that I've noticed is when batting and aiming the hit direction cone, maybe depending on how much you press the stick in the direction you want to hit the ball it will give you more shot options/types like deft touches and light leg glances, tap n goes, and just generally softer shots all round in each direction to target deep fielders not walking with softer shots.

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