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The contested catches??
Hey Guys, with the season coming up ive been in the mood to play RLL4 after not playing for about a year , jumped on and it all came back to me pretty quick and smashing through a comp but the one thing I cant remember is contested catches ! Ive almost thrown my controller out the window when I lose a game by one try off a contested catch my guy always knocks on! And im on the finals now for career so I dont want to lose a game omegle xender over this again and get knocked out haha.

What do you do? When I bomb in attack my meter fills Automatic and i can press catch on the green and often score a try , in defence the meter just doesnt fill for me? Even if no one is contesting it my guy will just knock it on and if someone is contesting they always just catch it and cruise over for a try . 

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