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Playstation 5 titles
Not sure about everyone else but, I'm very keen to get a PS5. Unfortunately none of the launch 1st party titles have me buying it at launch so 3rd party is going to be very important. 

What I would love to know from Big Ant is either:

1. Their PS4 titles will run on PS5, shouldn't be a problem confirming this.


2. Without giving up any info, just let us know there is stuff in the works for the PS5 and it would be worth while upgrading, this is much less likely.

I know others might be on the Xbox side but I would be assuming the Xbox titles will play on series x anyway so probably not as important.
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Good question... I made the switch to Xbox (unfortunately after buying RLL4), so I'd be interested in knowing the answer to these questions myself.
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All PS4 game run on PS5 (besides a very small list of titles) so there would be no reason for any of their current games not to. They are also teasing a new title it seems and the end screen has both the PS4 and PS5 logo, so it seems that there is something in the works that we should hear about soon.

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