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How to breaking up big partnerships
I'm fairly new to this version of the game (but played DBC14 quite a bit) and I've just had an incredibly frustrating game. I'm playing on pro level with med/med/easy settings. 

To set the scene. I played through one Ashes series as England and lost the first four games quite convincingly as I was getting used to things but then won the last test. 

I started a new series and tweaked the Aussie line up to give myself a chance (I extended the bans for Warner, Bancroft and Smith). I won the first game by an innings and then lost the second game because of a ridiculous batting collapse. 

Third test, I bat first and get around 350 and bowl them out for 240. I end up setting them 410 to win. Given how I'd been bowling, how they'd been batting and that this would make it the third highest run chase of all time, I was confident. I got them 1/30 but then Renshaw and Marsh put on a 300+ partnership and they cantered home with six wickets to spare.  

They took about 120 overs to get the runs, so they were by no means smashing me around, I just couldn't get the breakthrough. The bulk of the overs were bowled by Anderson, Broad, Rashid and Woakes, with Stokes and Ali both bowling 10 or so. Root and Cook both got an over out of desperation. 

I was bowling like I had been in other successful games - generally aiming outside off and attacking the stumps once or twice an over. Mixing up speed and length, changing to over and around the wicket etc. Just nothing worked. I spent more than three hours last night (I finished it off this morning) getting one wicket and them getting 300-odd. The only obvious missed chance was a slip dropping Renshaw on 172.

What should I have done?

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