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AO Tennis 2 Game improvements ideas or maybe AO3
I'm gonna go straight to the point and offer some ideas hat I have to hugely improve the game, knowing damn well Big Ant Studio won't read and won't care. 

- Your agent should say way more than 3 texts. Like it's getting old real quick to hear those same messages about either having a slam coming up, or sponsors, or great another trophy to add...

- The questions at the interviews should have a bigger impact on the game and the journalists should say it out loud not just futile texts

- When you're playing double tournaments, how about you get your teamate by your side (on the interviews) not just you all alone like it was a single tournament ? 

- Sponsors should be more than just for money, especially for the racket/clothing brands, they should give you special clothing so you could look like at least the real game players

- Theres not enough haircuts and lots of these haircuts look hella fake like come on Big Ant you can do really better than that. 

- Theres only like 3 sets of clothes how about putting real branded clothes in the game ? At least the same ones that the real players are wearing in the game, like look what Azarenka got on heir wrist how about we can get that too ? or the way Kyrgios is wearing his shirt ? I mean why everything has to go in the hand of the community and not you ? Litterally the community has to do everything with too little sorry. Put more clothes, more shoes, more designs for shirts, there's a LOT TO DO!! 

- Why can't you change your name etc when you start the career mode tell me ? Also why can't you change from a one handed backhand to a 2 handed backhand ? Thats very stupid because all those goddamn charity evens are for unlocking playstyles but like 95% of them are for the two hands backhand. In other words,  it's no use doing it if you got a one hand backhand because all those events won't unlock (shit) for you. You don't even gain money out of theses. Like please fix that. Everything should be modifiable on the carrer mode, the name, the style, everything except made the gender I'm guessing logically.

- Your trophies shouldn't be on your agent cabinet ... they should all be on your home, I'm not saying create a house but definitely, do something about it. And There should be a trophy spot for every tournaments of the game not like a spot fgor the 4 slams, the 6 masters and then the trophies keep reaparring dissapearing. It's just annoying to see him putting them back at the same place, especially for difference tournaments. 

- Theres tons of rackets in the game... how about giving them stats ? Because last time I checked, there was ways to string your racket to produce more spin, generate more power etc. no ? It's only right a Babolat Pure Strike has different stats from a Wilson Pro Staff. At least from my point of view, and I play tennis in real life using different strings and patterns on my 2 rackets and yeah it feels different. Make that happen.


Now on to the gameplay and boy we got a lot to cover. I get that the game is not Top Spin 3/4 , not even Virtua Tennis 2009/4 for that matter, and never will be. Those games raised the bar too high for anyone who try to cash on the sport will try to aim for. And it's okay to try to make money, but it's not right to not improve on each and every one of your iterations. So this game has too little improvements versus the first one. But but, the graphic overhaul, the FOREHAND that got fixed and the players styles that differs are HUGE things lets not spit on that, but they do not warrant a full retail game price, sorry. With that being said, let's go into it. 

- Your shots should hit the racket. I'm guessing you guys are well aware that theres plenty of shots that just don't hit the MIDDLE OF THE RACKET and comes back out like nothing happen. Fix that, irrealistic. If youre not able to hit a shot properly, then you should have a huge drop of power on that shot, or even fail that shot thats it. But to hit the ball from a weird angle and seeing it come back like it was totally normal is just fake and kills the realism. 

- Create a free flow & By free flow I mean take off that red dot, it's simply annoying. And I don't mean oh take it off on the options I mean litterally when the dot is not there, you SHOULDNT BE PLAYING LIKE THERES ONE. I get it that the game mechanism seems to be heavily around that dot, but it shouldn't be. It should be up to you to move however you want it, and when you hit on the corner right, it should go there and if it dosen't , you should be able to feel like that its gonna go out. And how you supposed to do that you tell me ? (Look right under)

- VIBRATIONS, by making the controller gradually vibrate (low to high vibration) the player will know that oh okay Ive put too much power on that shot, etc. I'm not saying the dot is not good, but it just feels weird knowing where your shot will go 100% of the time, it offers little room for luck or mental calculation, it turns a sport thats like chess to a RPG where you feel like you got a lot of time on your hand to prepare your answer to a shot. 

- PLAYERS STYLES : Once again, Kyrgios, Monfils, do NOT PLAY like the other players ? For instance, on Virtua Tennis 2009/4 , there was more than 20 styles to take on, and you could see real differences between the styles. Like a serve and volley player would get a faster net reaction than a baseline player like Djokovick. Or a Big Server like Isner, Raonic would have trouble when it comes to use volley etc. In TV it is obvious that the Federer backhand is different from the Tsisipas one, and they move differently. Like when I use Goffin versus Tiafoe, I see differences in the forehand but they all run the same and their backhand are almost all the same. Top Spin 4 made it sure that you would see which player was which just by their playing style. That should be improved. 

- PLAYERS CELEBRATIONS : For a hugepoint, for a huge tie break, and one for winning a set , like real players ? Not the same one for all players like you guys copy pasted it. 

- VOLLEY VOLLEY VOLLEY : Need I say more ? The net play in this game is just a disgrace to the game of tennis. This looks like fucking pong, this looks like nothing like net play, not sure who forgot to create the net play animations, but he failed and badly. Like a serve and volley in this game, looks just dumb, I dont even wanna do stuffs sometimes because I know yall didnt create the animation there itll do a weird shot, where I want my matches to look as real as possible. My friend that really enjoys going to the net in real life don't even wanna attempt it in this game cause it looks funky stupid and akward, how you suppose to train yourself for real life tennis sessions if the game won't allow you ? in 2020 ? I just don't get it. 

- SERVE WAITING STANCE : Not sure how you would call that, but this alone is the biggest frustration in any tennis game ever made. LET YOUR f****** PLAYER MOVE while waiting for the serve MAN, why is he stuck on the ground like he had a BUS ON HIS BACK OR SOME like you should be able to move as freely when waiting for the serve as possible, not stuck on the ground like that, sorry this is stupid and its the reason why players do 10000 aces in online matches.

Thats one of my match, him and I we got in total 25 aces, in a 6 games matches ... Ridiculous man. It shouldnt be like that, let me move how I want it sorry. This has to be adressed through a proper patch. And not just a patch adding 1 more player, a real one sorry. 

- So you guys are adding more players in the game ? But no way to acquire their styles ? In 4 seasons of the carrer I ain't got the option to get the Popyrin Alexei nor Azarenka style, how's that ? Anyway. 

Ill come for a part 2. I really enjoy the game, and I'm sure thousands of other players do, but I'm not sure where the game can go without those improvements. And please, no try to cash in on a AO Tennis 3. This can be fixed on this game and definitely should be. You guys are doing a great job at making tennis video games, but this right here is not crickets. Everyone is different. Make us feel like so. 

Have a nice day.

P.S : Sorry if it sounded like a rant, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I truly respect everyones ideas. Thats just how I feel like. Tennis is my life. Ive played all the tennis games you can imagine, on all the exisiting platforms, and I'm also a tennis more than casual player, and It's a bit sad that  still find myself going back to Top Spin 4 to have a proper enjoyment of the sport. I feel like we will never get another game of such quality. Look at Tennis World Tour. Funny thing is, if Tennis World Tour had this game graphics, itll probably be rated higher. Oh well, Let's wait until september for Tennis World Tour 2. In the meantime everyone should go outside to practice their serves Big Grin

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