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A new way to play
Hey guys ive got 1000 hours clocked up on RLL4 and the game was growing a bit stale, i'd done everything you could think of from career mode to taking a side through all the UK leagues and be coming a dynasty. 

So I discovered a really fun and new way to play that takes out the signing of players and makes you think a lot more on your feet.

Start a career and sim 4 years into the future and select to be a coach in the U20 all of the players in the league will be randomly generated and more often then not your side will be missing certain positions all together so you have to piece the team together using secondary positions and raw stats. 

For example my 2024 Broncos U20 side had NO wingers but we had a hooker with extreme acceleration and decent speed and he became one of my go to weapons on the wing.

Players usually generate with the default 45 overall but sometimes you get lucky and get higher stats or some of the teams in the competition get lucky and you have to play very carefully. It's super fun.

Another thing to look out for is player age, if you get a player generated at age 17 you will get a guaranteed 3 years out of him, which is awesome. Though sometimes there contract expires and due to being U20 you have no money to sign them which sucks if they have developed well. 

The best player ive had so far is a 67 Hooker who was maximum size in game lol. 

Let me know what you guys think of this and if you have tried it.

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