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Career Mode Keeps Crashing
Hi guys,
I've been playing a lot of career mode lately on RLL4 and whenever the recruitment is open for the next season, my game crashes. This has been going on for a couple years now and I've lost many career save files. About 2 months ago, my friend got me the same game not knowing I already owned it, so I used the new game in hope that it won't crash anymore. Around a week ago, it started crashing again at the exact same spot so it must be a trend for all users so if you guys are having issues like this and know how to fix it please help.
Try this.

(08-29-2019, 02:29 PM)Klim Wrote: What's worked for me and has helped me is that too many of the players are in different teams. If you have players in the Holden cup, intrust premierships and NRL squads at the same time, most likely the game will crash due to the fact that there are players holding up spots that otherwise would be regenerated.

1. Delete your custom players that you don't use or the duplicate custom players that you have.
2. Go to the fanhub - my players - and then filter through the competitions such as the holden cup, intrust premiership and you should see that there are several players that are there.
3. Note down the players and go to clubs - edit clubs - pick the team that has the players - then remove them from their rosters.

I'll be using Victor Radley as an example. He plays for the Roosters NRL squad and Holden Cup squad in my rosters.

Once I manually remove Victor Radley from the Holden Cup squad he will be only in the NRL squad. This fixes the crashing issues as there are no players that the game can get confused about.

4. If the holden cup squad or other team have less than 17 players you cannot remove players from their squads. What I suggest is adding someone from an international team so that they can fill out the squads then you can remove the player of your choice.

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