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Player Edit Question
Hey guys, 

I am very new to all this stuff and I have a question I was hoping someone on the forum could help with. My question pertains to editing players while in career mode. I have a created player in a coach career mode and after a few games, I want to edit his accessories (boots, tape, etc.). When I edit the player in the fanhub the changes are NOT represented in the career mode. (In RLL3 you could just edit the player in the customize menu, and the save would update to the career mode). Is there anyway for me to do this?

Again, since I am using coach career, I can not edit the player's appearance.

I have the game for PS4. Do I need to download anything? Do I need to get the game for my computer? Any help would be appreciated. And as I said, I am very new to this stuff so I really do not even know where to start. 

Thanks guys.

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