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Tony Stewart Sprint Car Game
Hi All,

Thought i would share this.

I know this isn't a Big Ant game but dirt track racing fans will love this.
(02-06-2020, 10:55 PM)knight1981 Wrote: Hi All,

Thought i would share this.

I know this isn't a Big Ant game but dirt track racing fans will love this.

Sadly...  for us modders, it's no better than IRacing.  I still grieve over the fact that this Kickstarter never made it (to this day).  The things the modding community and Big Ant could've done together.   Sad   For fractions of the costs of IRacing and with far greater potential too!  We had nearly a 100 tracks in RFactor that were based on real facilities and fictional facilities, something that neither game (Tony Stewart's or IRacing) will ever see remotely close to.  We had cars from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, etc. covering a breadth of different classes. If we wanted something that wasn't in-game, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work creating something.  We did all of that by essentially hacking and manipulating something that wasn't designed to do what we FULLY wanted it to do, just to manipulate it to get as close as we could within the constraints.  We never had the good fortune to work with someone to help us make it all that we really wanted a game to be.  To get the physics as real as we could for the purely hardcore "sim" audience while still providing an outlet for those that were looking for that gaming experience that was more fun than hardcore.  To achieve both...  to be able to create content that could be used for both.  Can you imagine?  *sigh*

The fact you wouldn't have to pay $x-amount per month, then $x-amount per car, and $x-amount per track like you do in IRacing. The service just about bleeds you dry and while it does a lot of cool things, things that definitely set the bar... it comes with a huge premium and with a relatively modest amount of dirt content.  The fact that even if Big Ant did DLC you could almost expect that there'd be a more steady stream of dirt-focused content than a big company like IRacing will where the squeaky wheels get the grease and that pushes the bigger $, bigger audience content to the front of the line.  Contending with road racing and NASCAR paved oval content is always going to render dirt to a backseat.  Adding off-road trucks and rallying also spreads it just that much thinner.  The fact that with modding tools there'd be a lot of free tracks and cars created by the community available that you'll never see in IRacing on the dirt side just would've added value on top of value.  This was LITERALLY the first time a game developer in the dirt world wanted to work hand in hand with a community of people that had made dirt racing a big chunk of what it was.  Having that ability to help with the learning curve for the less computer literate (mods could be difficult to implement as it was definitely a tinkerers deal in Heat and RFactor), make packaging/distributing things easier, make it easier to get cool content out there to more people, and to get it to people who could then race with peers in-game the way they wanted to race it (whether DTR2 easy or IRacing level real/challenging).  It was a plan that could've been incredible.

And just the fact that given the ability to collaborate...  we could get physics that likely would be better than both options.  Right now the tire model in IRacing for dirt is terrible.  There's no grooving, no siping, no heat build up, the tires don't give up if you get them too heated.  It's very canned considering the amount of $ and resources that they have as a developer.  And part of that is...  there's nothing to push them.  There's no incentive to make it better.  Modding lacks it's next gen platform to move to, and the alternatives are a arcade-style console title (that some like, some hate, some clamor for more real tracks and content) or a sort of real world sim dirt title that with the budget and resources...  is kind of dragging their feet and focusing on more profitable ventures first.

I keep hoping that at some point we can revisit this in the future.  That said, based on all of the crap that Big Ant went through from people and continues to deal with on Facebook comments from people that are nearly DEMANDING that they still make the game, I often wonder why should they even bother?  People that continually ask about it despite the fact that the Kickstarter terms were never met and the ability to make the game wasn't feasible without upfronting the costs in some capacity.  These people act like they don't know that it failed and just keep pushing things.  It's pretty pathetic and altogether tragic.  This SHOULD NOT be where we are.

I just don't know if I was them if I'd not be a bit more than jaded by it.  Then again, maybe now that the public has had a few years to stew over it, while watching the last modding platform get ancient, and has become "adjusted" to paying a ridiculous sum of $ for something that they once had with a $20-40 one-time purchase in RFactor and TONS of free modded content...  maybe they'll quit being cheapskates and open their wallets if this gets put out there again eventually?  Or maybe not and they'll stick with a canned game in IRacing or a canned game in Tony Stewart's with all of the cracks and flaws both have with no outlet for anyone to step in and give them a run for their $ or an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and tweak and poke and prod to make things better.  Without that outlet or potential to do something themselves to make it better just as modders have done for over 2 decades on e-sim dirt, they're both sort of "meh" vs. what we could truly have.  I miss making ACTUAL content, not just putting lipstick on a pig.  I miss actually being able to paint on a template for a car model that was ACTUALLY mapped well, vs. the default mapping we have to deal with nowadays.  I have a wheelset of like 100+ wheel textures for everything from a modified to a late model or street stock or sprint car that really has little use in iRacing other than on the street stock (see attached image which has my vented Real Racing Wheel wheelcovers on the #199 Street Stock).  You can't texture the wheels on any of the other dirt cars.

[Image: Toby_Hallett_199-3.jpg]

I know that if they put it up again...  I'd be in for $100+ again (I was originally thinking of pushing to $150-200 if we got close to another tier, but we never really even got close to reaching the stage to fund it to ship let alone push for any of the additional cool stuff that would've pushed me even further on funding something that would've been an enormous amount of my spare time as a content creator -- making textures and working with modelers = one of my passions as much as actually playing games if not more) just like I was on the Kickstarter the first time.  I just don't know if there's enough people with the balls to match me 1:1 there.   *sad eyerolling*

I mean the sad reality... if 13,500 people put up $20 a piece ($270,000), we would've met the requirements to get the game made (minimum was $266,000). Mind you... that's NOT taking into account people like me and my buddy Adam who had $100 in a piece, the VLR or DWD guys that many had $100 invested themselves, and some of the bigger funders (i.e. Madsen's Sprint Car team) that put in like $10k of their own $. If you really wrap your head around that... we needed like a relatively small portion of a much larger racing community to share the costs of a single large (16") one topping pizza. I mean... that's like NOTHING. And if you wanted the console version, you front like $60... get the console AND PC copy, can give the PC copy away or sell it on eBay or something, and you'd have your game and have helped fund enough for probably 3 people. It's freaking ridiculous when you crunch the #'s that we couldn't pass this and it makes US... not Big Ant... but US... look bad as a sporting community.
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I don't think anyone knew about it. If you posted about it in all of the facebook groups about Sprint Cars and even in the groups who still play WoO2002. It's a shame that game isn't easy to remaster. A great game to this day, which just needs a bit of love.

Now we have Tony Stewart, and the mobile gaming version are planning on making the jump to PC, plus the new Codemasters game will feature Sprint Cars... It's a real shame they couldn't strike whilst the iron was hot. Maybe they could still manage to find their niche within the market. An Aussie developer focusing on the Aussie World Series Sprintcars?

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