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Every update seems to make single player career mode more unbalanced
Ok played single player as me in every different guise.. I am the definition off insanity...

Ok firstly.... Playing just my player instead off the team... I'm always a all rounder or bowling allrounder.. Issue is if My team is put in to bat first esp in limited overs and we put up a huge score... Vast majority off the time the chasing team always gets within a few runs off my teams total.. Which means from the outset I know no matter how well I bowl.. It's pointless I'll end up with bad bowling figures... Come on when a team puts up a huge score the chasing team more often than not get bowled cheaply as they throw caution to the wind... In first class matches if I bowl first and knock over the ai team cheaply in the first innings then put a good first innings score... The ai second innings will be a big score.. Killing my bowling stats again... Think the term used by gamers is called rubber banding..

Now bowling over the last few updates is becoming a nightmare.. Fast bowler 87 rating... Edges rarely carry to slips and keeper but similier edges speed off to the boundary... Or the batsmen will just play and miss over and over... Hitting the stumps has become a pain in the rear end. Now when the ai batsman miss times he manages to get an edge which flies off for four... Or pads a certain lbw only for the umpire to say nope. Then my sides ai fielders esp at beginning off career.. Can't catch... 6 dropped catches in a row..: the other day.. Easy catches in general don't seem to stick...

Getting the objectives bowl 70 maidens as your first objective takes eternity... As bowling maidens is ridiculous... Every over 5 dot balls then the batsmen make a crazy single while your fielders don't move... Or they will get an edge and get a 4

17 overs, I went for 23 runs and I got one maiden as an example... Don't mind going for runs but obviously the ai is programmed to a run rate and seems to scoring said programmed rate by over.

Fielding is boring can we include a cheap way to open ability points like there is for batting and bowling.. I have over a thousand skill points for one off my players and only place left to use them is in fielding but can't cause it takes forever if like me you skip fielding..

Also batting... It's way to easy on easy.. Never edged a ball... But on medium I dare not play a defensive shot against a spinner off any quality.. Easy just needs to be made a tad harder.

Other than that I love the game.. Was really surprised by how good the game play is and although the graphics aren't on par with the big developers and there huge budgets... The gameplay when on the occasion everything seems to be in sync is truly awesome and something you guys deserve credit for... Just a shame weird inbalanced occur often... Not criticising you.. I find often when devs patch or update/fix one line off code it seems to knock another line slightly out... FIFA is a nightmare for it
Oh and a few updates ago an edge from a bouncer would find the keeper or a slip now it's a four.. Always manages to find the gap between the slips
Sorry that all being said... Yes you have all the custom settings but as there are so many, to many I don't know which ones to change... Also setting the ai.. I assume not only that set my opponents ai but also my teams ai? Cause even when I've turned up the wicket taking chance my ai team mates get bowled out super cheaply and the Baddy ai just edges and plays and misses ball after ball, over after over...

Oh and please tweak the ai captain.. Despite being the highest rated bowler and with the best stats... I'll often be the last bowler to get a bowl... Only get a few overs compared to the other bowlers...
Also a bug in batting training in career mode... If you want to change from the default pace bowler to a spin bowler it selects my player despite he's a pace bowler and also.. If you make any changes to anything in the training menu as in type off pitch etc when you go back to batting... After you look for where the target is you find your batsmen just standing facing the bowler... And if you attempt to move him he goes walkabout... He does show amazing skill so get from that position to making the shot once the bowler bowls... Also are you aware the worse shot you play seems to have better chance off hitting the target than if you make the correct and perfect shot.. Play a back foot shot to what should be a front foot shot and you hit the target.. Play the perfect shot and it just misses
Something else bowling in and out swingers... Let's say I've sent a few outswingers on the same line to a bowler... And now your thinking right I'll surprise him with an Inswinger... The best way would be to bowl it down the same line... I'd have thought to do this it would make sense to just bowl the same line you have been on the little round annoying offside onside target thingy but as an inswinger... But noo you have to select a complete different line off attack... It seems the same for seam just not as noticeable. That little round line selector thing is annoying I've bowled thousand off balls and I'm still not sure if I'm using it properly

I'm obviously late to the party and the majority of the small number of people who like cricket let alone cricket games have moved on to something different... So me posting the issues I've found is late to gain much traction... But I still like this game.. And I hope my issues are looked on and if they can be addressed... Or if there are some settings I can change to address them it would be hugely appreciated
One more thing I knew I'd forgot something..... I know the saying in cricket is junk takes wickets... But with the delivery meter namely when you release... I've noticed you take more wickets when you release your delivery when the slider is at the top off good just before it hits perfect.... Which means perfect isn't actually perfect... Only noticed this recently... The balance off everything just seems slightly off since the update before the most recent... The latest update has seemed to have helped abit... But I'm bowling at the moment.. I've been bowling full length balls aiming for the stumps and all six balls the batsman has edge... Two fell short off a fielder and the other four went for runs.. Yes I watch cricket and I know batsmen edge the ball often and get runs and don't get caught... But this is happening constantly.

As it's just happened and reminded me... Bowlers don't like when batsmen quickly rotate the strike by running singles as it upsets their rythem. Esp if it's a left and right handed batters. I'm seriously finding the opposite... So so often if I run a single or 3 I can pretty much be sure I'll lose my wife batting partner... Doesn't matter their skill or how set they are... This has been a gripe since day dot.. Most off the time I don't run singles now even if they are easy ones... Also one wicket brings two is a saying and not ment literally as I tend to find happens to often.. And if i have a high run rate it speeds up my partners demise... I've tested this a lot... By not scoring and sure enough my partner will not only up his run rate but most off the time get a 50 plus score... Or when I'm in form and scoring good runs I'll total more than the rest off the team combined.. But if I get out cheaply and the rest off the innings is simmed... Multiple team mates get big scores... Be nice to have more partners that stick around.. Cause as I start losing partners means I'm having to play arcade style to get a competitive score... And that's just not cricket... (I'm a purist... Test cricket is the only form off cricket... The rest are just ways to increase revenue)
Sorry keep posting separate posts... Didn't think it would matter so much as the forum is quiet... And my bug bares have been amassed over time and like a women... Doesn't say anything then one day out the blue she goes mental and let's rip about all the time you've upset her over the year. (Just to clarify I'm not saying thats wrong for a woman to do that just a common trait in the female gender and im not suggesting it makes you any less equal than men... Infact I think it makes women better ?).

Anyway reason for this post... I'm taking wickets again instead off edge after edge etc... Things I have done different... Not connected to the Internet (not sure if that would make a difference). And this might be the reason... I deselected the silver bowling perks and the gold pace bowler perk... And selected bronze bowling perks instead...

Also if anyone actually bothers to read my posts without dying of boredom and you read this.. Can someone explain the silver seam and swing perks... As I'm little confused as you get what sound like the best seam and swing perks firsts then you get what read to be the less beneficial individual seam and swing perks... Just odd to me.. As normally you'd expect to unlock the better ones later.. Am I missing something or is it just you Aussies and your love off being unorthodox
I'm sure it's not me... It maybe I'm doing something wrong... But my player is allrounder level 50 maximum batting and bowling ability points... Even playing amateur wickets are very few and far between... So on amateur even if I increase wicket taking slider only thing that seems to happen is half my ai players get out for ducks:.. So frustrated... before the last 3 updates career mode was great.. Now umpires don't give lbws... Edges from a bowler bowling 90 mph don't carry on a medium pitch.. But fly to the boundary... When the ai hits a catchable shot it more often falls short off the fielder... If the fielder does get his hands to it be drops it most off the time... I got so annoyed I set the ai to rookie... And pretty much got a wicket a ball... So that's just as bad... Just want like it was before. every update up until 3 updates ago improved the career mode massively.. And fixed most off the bugs:.. But now I'm back to throwing the controller around the room

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