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RLL4 Lua Config Mods
(04-17-2020, 10:23 AM)Wouldubeinta Wrote:
(04-17-2020, 07:29 AM)LJH23Y Wrote: Wouldy, does this still work? If I try to use it with the new Blobset Creator it just pulls an error up, I've used it with an old blobset creator and everything works fine until the end of a career game and it just crashes?

Just redownload the blobset tools.

Not sure why your game is crashing, have you made any changes to the lua files. What career comp are you playing, SL or NRL?

I've redownloaded now and it looks like a file is missing (I've explained in another thread) in terms of the mod, I've never had an issue before. I've wiped all data and tried using your base file (I did make a few tweaks with the speed boost) but still no luck? It's not in the actual game, it loads up after and crashes when it says "loading file" after a career game (tried both SL and NRL). 

This is awesome! I've been editing everything i can find just to see what changes. i've had some interesting games!

If anyone has any notes on where to edit certain functions, or what files/lines relate to the gameplay, it would be great to see them.
(playing on Pro with 10min halves, and imported 2020 teams/rosters)

I've edited:
-play kick max distance (up to 60m)
-kickoff max distance (to try stop kicking dead so many times )
-ai chance of holding in tackle (up but not too much)
-lowered hold in tackle penalty times
-lowering the wind direction and strength changing to almost no change!
-stamina/sprint-speed drain for fitter players, so if you make a break, addo-carr doesnt get run down by forwards.
-lowered stamina/balance offset for hitups, steps, fends and fake passes etc.
-overall player movement speed (down, to stop that sliding/gliding effect when trying to defend and move)

tried to mess around with
-dummyhalf/play the balls speed
-successful offload chance percentage

I'm try to get:
- AI intercepts down
- AI sidestep/drag/push ability vs Human ability? every tackle seems to be a push back and every hitup seems to be a push forward for the AI regardless of players stats.
*(Let me know if you know where to change these)

I'm continually changing stuff, so if i find something good, I'll share it.
Hope the next RL game has better AI/gameplay!
Thanks again!

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