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RLL4 Lua Config Mods
I have managed to dump most of the lua script-config files and rebuilt them and now there is a way to edit them.

First download these, if you don't already have them -

* Notepad++
* RLL4 Lua Script
* RLL4 Lua Config Mods
* RLL4 Blobset

Now install Noetpad++ and extract all the zips to a folder.

Go to the "RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.3" folder and right click on a lua script and click Edit with Notepad++, these are all the script that can be edited -

## Main Script Configs ##

RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\coverage_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\gameplaybalance_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\ground_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\heldintackle_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\humanmovement_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\injury_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\jumpavoid_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\kicking_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\passing_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\passleadknowledge_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\player_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\playerbalance_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\playermechanicskill_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\speed_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\stamina_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\teamorders_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\timeofday_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\game\disposalhistory\wind_config.lua

## Design Configs ##

RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\camera\*.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\cutscenes\cutscenes_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\input\input_actions.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\input\input_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\sound\soundmap.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\tackle\pushtackleintent_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\tackle\tackle_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\tackle\tacklequery_cconfig.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\ui\input_keys.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\dummyhalf_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\editassistant_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\gapknowledge_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\linebreak_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\linebreakerknowledge_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\playtheball_config.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\rll4\script-game\design\speed_cconfig.lua

## Visual Configs ##

RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\cheerleader-defaults.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\crowd.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\dynamicenv_lighting.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\dynamicenv_temperature.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\dynamicenv_weather.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\intermediate-lua\visualconfig\shaderglobals-game.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\visualconfig\lighting-cfg.lua
RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.1\Scripts\visualconfig\postfx-cfg.lua

Once you have made your changes, select and copy the luafiles.txt file and the Scripts folder, like so -

[Image: du4xQhE.jpg]

And paste it into the "RLL4 Lua Scripts" folder replacing all files, like so -

[Image: Lqs8l8J.jpg]

Then open up the RLL4 Lua Scripts Packer.exe program and click Compress Lua Scripts, once done cut the "luascripts.m3mp" file, like so -

[Image: jUhB46J.jpg]

And paste the file to the RLL4 Blobset Tools folder - RLL4 Blobset Creator\RLL4Mods\m3mp, like so -

[Image: 9NJW8Ee.jpg]

Then open up the RLL4 Blobset Tools and click Create Blobset. And that's it.

In the modded lua files, I have made some slight changes -

*Improved the Visuals
*Added extra difficultys in the menu.
*Fixed the try scoring music overlapping sometimes.
*Made some changers to the passing_config.

Excellent will look into this. Hopefully the speed of passing can change to get the pass away.

Wish you could fix the comm names thing! Oh well! can only hope.

Thanks for your work mate!!
(11-15-2019, 10:54 AM)Horrie Wrote: Excellent will look into this.  Hopefully the speed of passing can change to get the pass away.

Wish you could fix the comm names thing! Oh well! can only hope.

Thanks for your work mate!!

These are things you can change -

[Image: QUSvFxe.jpg]
[Image: JawdA83.jpg]
Man the passing is so much better! Can get the ball away so easy now and score some great tries although a few more intercepts but a lot more fun. Well done man!
Man just to reiterate the last post. The passing is superb now. So much more great attack and I can play on higher levels and score some great tries. Thanks heaps Wouldy! the King!!
(11-21-2019, 09:56 AM)Horrie Wrote: Man just to reiterate the last post. The passing is superb now. So much more great attack and I can play on higher levels and score some great tries. Thanks heaps Wouldy! the King!!

Great to here, no probs.
Just updated the RLL4 Lua Script Packer and RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.2, just redownload from the first post. The reason for the update is I was using some outdated scripts from previous game versions. This will stop the game from crashing when trying to play on a custom stadium.
Added the change player commentary scripts to the RLL4 Lua Config Mods, just download RLL4 Lua Config Mods 0.3 from the first post.

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