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Rugby League Live 5, time to get serious and use REAL RUGBY LEAGUE HEADS!
To whom it may concern,
I am writing today about the rumoured upcoming Rugby League title we are all excited for. More specifically, I want to share what I would like to see in the new game and a little bit on what I think can be improved from the previous versions. 
I am very interested in all feedback and opinions as I do believe that we – the consumers – are crucial in this game moving forward and I think the developers would agree.

A bit about myself, I am an avid gamer and I played Rugby League for 16 years, approximately 25 games per year which equates to around 400 games (minus injuries and a couple of hangovers lol). So I believe that I might have a useful opinion.
So here goes:
What I want included is;
1.       Simultaneous control of upper and lower body of the selected player – ideally with the left and right analogue sticks. (with trigger button to sprint)
a.       The forwards would be dependent on lower body for leg drive and breaking tackles and the upper body would be for bracing for contact, fend extensions (in which timing is crucial and increasingly difficult as you player harder levels or use players with less ability/lower stats) and the more advanced squirming to get between defenders before being grounded on tackle completion to gain the advantage and swing momentum (see point 2 on momentum bar)
b.       The backs would be dependent on lower body for swerve/sidesteps (depending on the type of runner i.e. nippy/quick, power runner or upright sprinter (see point 3 on player types) and the upper body would be for balance and angling of the body, which will be crucial for the timing, accuracy and fluency of the sidestep (again, this would be increasingly difficult to time based on the higher difficulty levels and form of players/teams) as well as for fending off would be tacklers.
2.       Momentum bar (Attached) – this would remain on a neutral/central part of the screen perhaps separated by colour appropriate representations of each competing team. This would sway from side to side live throughout the match. The more momentum your team has would mean the higher risk plays like cut out passes, quick offloads, chip n chase, 40/20's or even trying to pick out an offside defender off a quick play the ball would have a much greater chance of working (factoring in ability of player(s)/team in use and in season mode - their current form.)
a.       Example of momentum bar: (Attached)
This example attached depicts the Dragons are on top of the Bulldogs at present, so for the Dragons now would be a good time to try something or in the case of the Bulldogs, 5 hit-ups and then kick for touch i.e. play it safe.
3.       Player Types – I think this would be a crucial addition to not only the current game but would pave the way for future versions to come. I am thinking that this should be in the mould of the boxing or more recently the MMA games. I will attempt to explain using the example above (in point 1). Note: at this point to help paint a mental picture, I will use real life players.
Outside backs:
a.       Nippy/quick - Anthony Milford, Matt Dufty, Ryan Papenhuyzen
b.       Power Runner – Latrell Mitchell, Josh Dugan
c.       Upright Sprinter – Tom Trbojevic, Brett Morris
a.       Skilful/game breaker – Daly Cherry-Evans, Shaun Johnson
b.       Ball runner/play-maker – Michael Morgan, Gareth Widdop
c.       Organiser – James Maloney, Kieran Foran
a.       Explosive/impact players – Andrew Fifita, Jason Taumalolo
b.       Big Boppers – Junior Paulo, Nelson Asofa-Solomona
c.       Workhorses – Paul Gallen, Dale Finucane
d.       Edge Runners – Boyd Cordner, Wade Graham
Finally, just a couple of quick things to tweak from the last game just off the top of my head.
Please fix;
1.       Dummy-half runner is far too sluggish, he should take off out of the ruck, if his team does not have momentum, he should get smashed, rolled and forced into a slow play the ball.
2.       There should be a quick punt/clearance button, just getting it out of your own area, these players can take a stab kick without thinking for 3 seconds so should their avatars.
3.       The players should be desperate for the try-line, scampering for the line at close range, get that feeling that they would put their well-being on the line to score, not as it is now, jogging well over the line and having to press the score/dive button, it should be the other way around, you should have to hold the button down if you want to hang onto the ball to bring it around the posts or to even hold/hovering it up to avoid desperate defenders, letting them pass before coolly and calmly grounding the ball.
4.       Likewise, the defence should be condensed, desperate and even ill-disciplined (i.e. shoot out of the line going for an intercept, with success varying depending on the awareness, handling, balance and turn of speed of the defender) near their own try-line, have shooters, have players diving over each other to stop the other team scoring or grounding, not just standing around.
5.       Much less intercepts please!!
Thank you all for your time and I look forward to your feedback.

Syd F

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Turpentine should generally not be taken internally!
Mate some great suggestions! What I have always hated about BA making league games is they aren't league followers. You always see Devs at the cricket or Devs at The footy (afl). They need to get the expertise of league die hards. Most NRL players love gaming, how about use them. I would love to see Ponga's foot work replicated in a game
Awesome suggestions.

I think gang tackles should be mandatory on forwards: a single defender attempting to tackle a charging forward should either be bumped straight off onto their butt or be driven backwards by the ball carrier with a high chance of an offload available if tackling the chest, and if going low they could effect the tackle, but it would result in a super quick play the ball as the forward had fallen onto their front just like in reality.

This would require a method for the player to dictate the amount of players entering into any given tackle. I like the idea of the shoulder buttons calling the players to the respective side of the controlled player to engage in the tackle.

This has always been my pet-peeve with modern RL games, forwards have never been simulated realistically.
Gang tackles could be added to the L2 controlled movement button. Tap to select nearest defender to ball carrier. Hold the button down to compress your defensive line and draw players into the ball carrier so once a tackle is initiated by the nearest defender you can maybe hold the L2 button to draw in as many defenders as you need to complete the tackle. Albeit with risk reward. You could also hold L2 and strafe your controlled defender and defensive line with controlled movement or hold both L2 and R2 (sprint) to perform the movement at speed for a more aggressive up and in defensive line.

Another option that could be added is hold L2 then tap L1 or R1 to select along your defensive line and then move up and in where you may anticipate where your opponent may attack. Holding L1 or R1 can be used for sliding your defensive line left or right.

These options I think would be the easiest and quickest way of creating more realism in that they add better defensive movement control but create risk in the possibility of opening gaps wider either side or over use of aggressive movement can fatigue players quickly.
So I started playing the game again today and I do think the game is fairly good but with a few small adjustments I think it could play a lot better.

First thing I'd do is remove the wrong footed animation when defending against a step as its a game breaker and makes the step too overpowered as you can freeze multiple players at once with one step no matter how compressed your defensive line is you can be run straight through with a well timed step.

Second and I've said it more than enough, make the defence compress more when holding L2 or pressing Up Dpad. This will bring in more options on attack allowing for overlaps and 3 on 2's and 3 on 1 attacking opportunities.

Third, the passing needs to be flattened out a bit, less floaty and a bit quicker to take advantage of compressed defence and to get the defence sliding side to side more with more bigger gaps appearing. I just feel compressed and sliding defence is an afterthought as is right now when it should be crucial to defending successfully. You want a big man powering through gappy flimsy defence and stopped dead in his tracks with tight compressed defence.

Forth, play the balls need to be quicker, this will help further make more compressed defence necessary espescially if you have the dummy half scoot out with a running fullback or forward on his hip, you'll need it to close gaps up the middle. I just feel there isn't that risk/reward when defending, players just have too much time to reset and you can't really perform more effective side to side long range tries.

As much as I want big changes and additions, these are just a few of the basic ideas that can be implemented that I think can make a huge difference without the need to completely redo the engine.

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