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Online co-op
Just curious if anyone else has played online co-op? Im having nothing but issues. Like I got out on an ideal,ideal,ideal shot..... how? Not to mention when i bowl the keeper can run the opponent batsman out every time. So many issues like the after a block the cut scene says 4??? Small things but poor execution from big ant once again. I seriously wonder if they play there own products???
Some bugs experienced in the Online Co-op play (listed below). 
Hope BigAnt takes notice and focuses on this Co-op mode, especially with more and more players getting into the online mode of play. Thanks.

Platform: Steam/PC 
Game Version: Latest (after the March 2020 update)
Game Mode: Online Co-op vs AI
Match Type: Any
Teams used: Academy downloaded

Issues : 
- Batsman leaves the crease just when the ball is collected by the keeper only to get stumped or run out by a keeper throw
- Similarly, Batsman gets run out at the non striker end as he takes off for a run just when a ball is collected from a throw at the bowler's end

- When AI bats and Co-op tries an unsuccessful attempt to field near the ropes, 8 runs are awarded to that boundary to AI. Sometimes 10 runs.

- In recent times, the loading time of this game has increased (this, after the March 2020 patch is applied, and which says the load times have improved)

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