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EA's Cricket 07 - 2019 Overhaul
(09-28-2019, 01:05 AM)joejohnson Wrote: Since CR19 has been abandoned with zero communication or updates from the developers and support tickets just receiving automated responses, you should check out this newly released 'Mega Patch' for EA Sport's "Cricket '07". Rosters have been updated and there's quite a bit of content, all done by dedicated modders from the PlanetCricket community. Game works a lot better than CR19 despite being over ten years old and has great replay value. Much more satisfying game to play, especially with this Mega Patch. Check it out for yourselves! Big Grin

I enjoyed Cricket 07 as much as the next guy but you've got to be kidding yourself, no way I could go back to it now. Cricket 19 is great on PS4.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17

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EA's Cricket 07 - 2019 Overhaul - by joejohnson - 09-28-2019, 01:05 AM
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