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New Game in 2020
I can't say that I had an issue with the overall game flow personally, but that may have something to do with RLL4 being my first serious dip into Rugby League video games, so I didn't have experience on the older titles to compare it to.  I went in with a relatively forgiving mindset since I know Rugby (both codes) has always been a tough sport for developers to get right.  But if there's one thing Big Ant really should've gotten right and didn't, it was players collecting kicks near the sideline.  Their momentum would carry them out of bounds far too often, even in situations where they had plenty of time to slow down before claiming the ball.  You also sometimes get defenders warping into tackles, with one example being bad enough for me to post this clip on gfycat.

Whilst that was just a one-off freak occurrance for me, it really shouldn't have happened at all.  As for the difficulty comment, perhaps there should've been another difficulty level bridging the gap between Rookie and Amateur.  Whilst I was eventually able to get over the hump and start raising the difficulty level, Amateur was actually very challenging for me whilst I was trying to learn what not to do and how to play well.  But I couldn't learn how to play on Rookie, because it offered absolutely zero challenge and wasn't representative of how the AI would play on the actual difficulties.
I know this has already been said before but I emailed the NRL the other day and this was what I just received

Hi Rhys,
Thanks for your email.
In relation to the  next video game, we’ve been advised that we are working with our licensee on a product for 2020.
I hope this helps with your query and we thank you for your support of the game.
Kind regards
Supporter Liaison
The womens game is continuing its rise and that means a wider audience. Makes me a bit more hopeful that the next game will increase in quality. Developers have to get some decent coin from it too and I'm guessing they don't see much of a return.
Whilst the women's game is indeed in a much better place than it has been throughout history (read: near non-existant), it's probably still be a fair ways out from being able to attract large numbers of new fans on it's own. In any case, the quality of the 2020 game instead hinges on how talented the developers are and how much time and leeway the publisher gives them. Though putting the NRLW and women's international teams in certainly can't hurt sales wise.
Hopefully it keeps moving forward... I don't want someone else taking over, just to re-skin, remove content and update rosters.

The game play, customization and additions like Wnrl need to be expanded on. Especially the women's game, as the NRL push the inclusiveness concept.
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