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Anymore updates coming?
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Came on here to see if Big Ant made any mention of an update but unsurprisingly I see mostly threads with 0 replies.

Update? Doubt it. So many issues have been identified that would take 2 minutes to fix but also so many other issues that probably need the game to be completely re-written (fielding, for example).

-Stat's still don't work for individual players stats within a match (not sure why they even included it in the game, its never worked).
-Not sure when injuries disappeared but I haven't seen any for a long time.
-5WI animation still missing (this was a great touch that made it feel like you really worked hard as a bowler for that game).
-Slips are just for show, WK takes 90% of edges, slips only stop "scripted" edges from going through the cordon zone.
-Ball phases through bat when it should clearly clip.
-STILL unable to take a new ball at over 80. Seriously? Often they take a new ball every over too, makes no sense.
-If you bat first, when you bowl, ball in the same condition as when the opposition finished bowling (usually completely wrecked).
-Fielding experience basically doesn't exist unless you play WK or spend all your time in the slips without simulation for 50xp a catch (despite club cricketers being maxed out in fielding).
-Run outs and stumpings don't happen (except to you or your batting partner when you run them out) outside of simmed matches.
-Field gets reset to something wrong if you do something like move the same player twice in a row in the field layout screen.

Just to name a few. Some are easy fixes. Others arent.  I wouldn't hold your breath for anymore significant updates.
Game looks great and plays pretty well but I think they've just realized how shaky the foundations for this game are. Shame since its the best cricket game I've played but its for casuals only it seems.

Feel free to actually give us an update BA. Seems after the PC version launched, this game doesn't matter anymore in terms of development, even though its fairly raw.

Has the potential to be a EA sports quality title (without the stupid UT nonsense) but I don't think that's going to happen.
I just stumped 2 batsmen in one game. That's not an issue.

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