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Scrore bar not showing Xbox One

I have been playing Cricket 19 on Xbox one for a couple of weeks. The game was working perfectly fine till it crashed on career mode (Nothing special happened that I can think of causing the crash). After the crash the game has been working fine but the score bar (where the team, batsman and bowling scores are shown, along with timing of shots/bowling) has disappeared. The other other elements of the UI are working. For example, the white box detailing each delivery (dot ball or runs from each ball in the over) is still showing. This issue occurs regardless of the game type (career, play now or ashes etc).
I have tried a complete restart of both the game and xbox but with little luck. 
I haven't reinstalled the game because I am not sure if I would loose progress. 

Any help on fixing the issue or confirming if I would loose my saves on reinstalling would be great.

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