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Major improvements that could be made
1. The person on the other side of a quitting opponent should be rewarded more. Currently there's no penalty for quitting, which is fine, but the person who's on the other end just sunk 10 minutes into a game to not be rewarded with anything. It doesn't count into stats so it's lost time. However it should be that the person getting quitted on receives extra to cushion the fact that their opponent couldn't finish the game. It's not their fault and they still deserve at least an automatic win and credit toward the leaderboard.

2. There are a lot of people who quit when they see your username because they know you're a strong player and they want to climb the leaderboard by easy wins. Because of this, I think players should be matched based on skill level, and if there is no one available then the system should let them play a ghost character and count it as a regular opponent. Harder levels should move the leaderboard quicker than easier levels because of the way some people climb the leadership board by only playing weak opponents.

3. We're missing a feature to tell how many are people online. A notification in the corner such as *18 players online or *2 players online would be helpful

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