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Teams changing rating
Hello all,

Recently I have downloaded some custom teams and saved them to a "new team" rather than overwrite the official. 

Lately I've noticed that the team ratings have changed. The game is up to date and my NQ cowboy team ranking is 80 (in casual) I stead of 84 where it used to be. I have deleted the team to be sure and reset back to official and still rating 80. In career mode the cowboys are 84, although this career was started before the change I believe.

Additionally, I have changed to a new user and the cowboys are 84 in casual as normal.  Any ideas?

Also as a sidenote, does anyone know the best defence against a fend.
Also I have noticed other teams too. My game has the Melbourne Storm rank 84 rather than 82 on a "Clean" profile. I have completed a season, would this maybe impact team ratings?
Okay I just cleared out all of the players not just the clubs. I believe the teams were utilising the "custom" players in the official side even though the team selection screen still used the "official" logo.

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