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RLL4 Fmod Bank Loader
[Image: rll4_fmod_bank_loader.jpg]

This program will load up all the fmod bank events in RLL4 WCE and play them.

How To Use:
You first need to extract the blobsets with RLL4 Blobset Tools and then select
the sound folder under File->Bank Folder or edit the BanksFolderLocation.txt to this
location -  Example: F:\RLL4 Blobset Tools\data-0.blobset\sound

After that just select the "Fmod Events" folders you want and just click on the "Bank Event" and it will play.

RLL4 Fmod Bank
Very cool man. You do amazing work. So wish you could do a commentary player like in RLL3. So hard once you've extracted all the files to see which ones which as they don't make any order at all. It's like they've randomly just assigned names. Oh well!
Can only do this on a computer?

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