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Custom competition
why is the maximum for a custom competition only 16?

I remember previous RL games being a lot higher. Wish there was a way to have more than 16.
I would assume it's because the NRL is maxed out at 16.

Ideally future games would have the ability to add more teams to a custom competition / franchise... as I've always had to sacrifice a real team to put in my expansion team.
Especially for those wanting to bring in Expansion teams (Perth, 2nd Brisbane team, or any of the bid teams) or bring in a defunct club (Fortitude Valley, Newtown, Bears Etc)... also rebranding would be good... Bring back the Giants!!!
Or a hybrid Super League / NRL with two 16 team competitions with promotion / relegation (would not want it in real life by would work in a game).
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
That’s right and it’s a video game. So if a 28 team
Competition where everyone plays each other twice would go long then who cares? It’s a video game not a real RL comp.

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