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Modding Tutorial (urgent)

I'm new to modding, and want to start to use some of the tools that have been posted on here. Specifically the player editor (appearance etc.)

I was wondering where I save the downloaded files and how to use the tools.

Is there a tutorial out there for it or anyone that would be kind enough to explain which files to download, where to save them and how to use.

Thank you very much.
Also, in the player editor there is no tab for appearance.
Download the Save Editor (

From there open your AcedemyData000.SAV found in Documents > My Games > Rugby League Live 4 > Profile

Once that loads up you can then edit players at your will. There is a lot of clipping with hairs and whatnot, as you cannot switch out what they have, but rather add-on other hairs. Idk if there's anywhere that shows what ID supplys what it looks like, so its mainly a trial and error thing. I believe if you cannot find players you may need to edit a current one so it duplicates them, not 100% on it though.

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