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The Steam delay is offensive.
Look, this is ridiculous. Plainly ridiculous.

The consoles this game was developed for have never been closer to PC architecture than they are currently. It's not like they're coded on some fantasy development box either, they're just computers. The notion that in 2019 you would delay the PC version of a game over a console game, when console games need to go through long certification processes before release, is an insult to your PC userbase's intelligence. The fact that you won't even give a rough estimate as to when the PC version out is an insult to your PC userbase. When I emailed Big Ant they wouldn't even tell me if the PC version would be out this year. The idea that the game is delayed for the purposes of piracy prevention (as has been claimed in the past) is an insult to your PC userbase who is actually willing to buy the game - newsflash, your game is going to get pirated no matter what you do, and those pirates were never going to buy your game regardless. Such is piracy. There have been numerous studies and industry talks to this effect; pirates are not lost customers, they are customers you were never going to have.

Would it kill you to even give an estimate of a date, even if you don't make it? You've already dumped on your PC base plenty, one more time isn't going to change anything if you don't make that date and you will at least stem the inevitable vitriol you're going to get in Steam reviews for it taking this long and no doubt being buggy as all hell (as are all your games) when it finally does come out. I mean come on, if you're that concerned about the quality of it release it as Early Access; absolve yourself of all responsibility of releasing a fully functioning game and actually do something good for people. Hell, based on the number of console patches you've put out thus far - where there is no such expectation of a broken release via Early Access - it's not like you have any qualms with putting out something half baked, so why are we getting punished for having the temerity to want to play on a PC? 

There is literally no reason I can see or think of why you're doing this. None. I've been racking my brain for any possible reason (licensing? Wouldn't make sense for there to be a PC-only license... Steam? Wouldn't make sense considering the relative ease in getting a game on Steam... Trying to avoid other PC releases? I can't imagine Cricket 19 is actively competing with other games...) and I've got nothing. If someone from BA would like to set me straight - and with the truth - then please, by all means. 

What pisses me off the most is that you don't care. You know we're just going to buy the goddamn game anyway and pissing people off in the process is irrelevant to you. If you cared we'd have a better idea of when we might actually get to find out just how buggy the game is other than "coming soon", which was also the case SIX WEEKS AGO.

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