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Lack of communication from big ant
Let's get this straight from the start.   Cricket 19 is a very good game.  I enjoy it.  a definate improvement on the ashes game.

However there are flaws that I and others have raised on this platform, on twitter and on email that are not being addressed.

My 2 issues are:
- Online batsmen running out of crease when missing a delivery making stumping easy.  Yes we don't have to throw ball at stumps but it should not be down to us to do this.  the game should not run them out of the crease.
- Game online crashes a bucket load.  Never crashes when offline but as soon as we go online for a bit of coops after 5 overs it crashes.  this does not happen on the ashes game

It's bad enough that these issues are there but looking through the various platforms when people are making valid comments about this the response from Big Ant is silence.

I sent an email 3 weeks ago and apart from a guy replying to tell me that hes passed it on thats all ive had.  By looking at the forums and twitter I am not alone in finding the lack of communication frustrating.

I really enjoy playing this game but the glitches are making it impossible for me to do this.

Please can someone at big ant just talk to us (your customers)
Yeah there's been a couple of game breaking glitches and regular crashes since the game's release but there's been nothing from Big Ant regarding this. For a game that cost $100, it's very poor that there's been no news regarding updates.

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