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Hitting Sixes and other offensive shots
My character I made to look at this issue: the difficulty is medium for batting

All rounder, Bat style 4, overall 93, all pips in batting except for hook/pull are full, and has the silver perk that increases shot making and technique

Hitting sixes off of drives on the on side are no problem, however all aggressive shots on the off side wouldn't ever go for six even when hitting 3x Ideal, In ashes cricket I considered the mid off six hit a signature shot for me, now its a shot I avoid. A 3x Ideal slog sweep just floats into square legs hands, same for hitting a standing aggressive glance shot. What is the problem here? Coming straight from ashes cricket you would always be rewarded for hitting the 3x ideal timing with a six no matter the shot, and the slog sweep/reverse sweep/switch hit would always go over a fielders head when hitting the right timing on those, now I'm afraid of trying to hit at a strike rate over 100 for fears of throwing my wicket away.

Is this a bug, or a new feature that doesn't make sense? Is anyone else finding this issue relatable? I've also noticed that shots made when batting in style 4 in the 4 button controls have disappeared, (eg. all leg side shots are played the exact same way. No matter the timing or aggressiveness)

If you know how to fix this please let me know, I just want to return to hitting big in T20's again, not being disappointed on 14 off 16 balls every single time. Thanks

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