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AskForSameFisher style play
Am new to the forum but am in the top 10 (xbox AO). I've played many matches. and many players but there is 1 particular player called AskForSamFisher (he is ranked no.3) that is exploiting any and every single glitch in AO and the feedback I have received from many is that everyone just has to quit midway because he abuses all the exploits in AO. I played him last night and I can fully agree. Please AO can you fix these following glitches in the next update:

1) Lob returns: he abuses these any time on break point or when in trouble, this is ridiculous tennis. Lob returns should be very low accuracy and if a returner hits then, the server should be able to come in quickly and smash them hard. He uses them to just keep getting back into the service game.

2) Re-dropshot on the run: While I think the drop shot and drop volleys in this game is over used one can live with it. But this guy does something that is totally ridiculous. He will drop shot, bring you to the net, and If you counter lob him sending him back, he runs and while he is running back does a drop shot behind himself. This drop shot slows the entire point down and you at the net can't do anything with it; he therefore runs back to the net and lobs you or re-dropshots. This is NOT tennis! 90% of all points against this guy are done at the net.

3) He stands at the service line and returns your serve (either with a lob return or chip and charge net rushing). Why can he return my 180mph serve standing at the service line? If he wants to do that then he should get hit or not be able to return with any accuracy.

Please please fix the points above, this is an awesome game but guys like AskForSamFisher are ruining online play by this constant exploitation of glitches.

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