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Is RLL4 fit for a newb?
Hey everyone. 

Is anyone still playing RLL4?

I've been wanting to get a Rugby League game. I've never played one before so I've spent the last 6 hours researching. I'd like to hear from those who still play as to whether the game play has gotten better from the release day version. I've heard it's pretty difficult so I wanted to know - for someone that's never played rugby game before, should I try RLL3 or just go with 4 ? I mean, if I don't know the difference,  will it even matter? 
What are the pros/cons between the both. 

I'd probably recommend RLL3 if you want to score points.

RLL4 tends to be a bit too defence heavy because the play the balls are too slow and attacking plays a bit too deep so the defence always has time to set and it doesn't really slide or compress nor has any real forward intent and there's a tackle glitch which warps defenders into tackles so it's pretty much a wall unless you get good at the right stick options. I just find the gameplay not much fun or very realistic.
If you are on PC, I would probably recommend RLL3 with the stats tuned down. I am currently working on a gameplay mod which changes a few things via the Lua scripts. I find the balance in gameplay in 3 to be pretty good for my needs, so hopefully the mod will further add to that. I prefer to score tries through good passing and strategy rather than having to rely on the fend and step etc. From what I understand that is hard to do in 4.
Thanks for the replies. If I picked up RLL3, is there a way to import 2019 rosters and kits/uniforms? 

I'm on PS4.
(06-10-2019, 09:58 PM)Ballgame59 Wrote: Thanks for the replies. If I picked up RLL3, is there a way to import 2019 rosters and kits/uniforms? 

I'm on PS4.

2019 Rosters can be downloaded via the fanhub, but the custom jersey options are not inspiring. FYI.....with the default is very easy to just pass to the winger and exploit the gaps there....but with the speed etc turned down, it is much harder to do this.
The Nines gameplay in RLL4 is super fun. I still play RLL2&3 from time to time but I think Nines in RLL4 is the most enjoyable. In saying that, some of the most epic games I've ever had were on RLL3 13 a side, me being Samoa or Lebanon against the Kiwis on Legend. For pick up and play 3 would be your better option, but 4 is/would be my choice. The gameplay DOES take time to get used to but well worth the investment. You'll want to pull your hair out a number of times but when it clicks it becomes a lot of fun.

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