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Can this game be released in other countries please?
I'm sure most people in this forum, including the game's developers are aware that Cricket is one of the most widely watched sports in the world. However, Cricket 19 along with Big Ant's previous Cricket games have never been released in my region. I live in South East Asia (SEA or ASEAN), which is pretty close to Australia too and is one of the regions of the world where video games are played most.

Can someone explain to me why this game has a limited release worldwide, even digitally? Is it due to a legal reason/lack of demand or what? I solely purchase my games digitally so I can't see the option to buy it on my PSN store, searching up on Google I'm also having a hard time finding retailers that carry it.

Cricketing nations like AUS, ENG, IND, PAK, NZ, SA etc. usually have large diasporas around the globe, so I'm sure if this game is made more readily available (at least digitally) in other territories, sales would surely go up.

I really want to support this independent developer and I want to give you my money, just please make it easier and actually release it in my region digitally, or at the very least give me a reason why it isn't available for me.

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