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Cricket 19 Bugs / Issues Thread
In cricket 19 even if I don't jump and release the bowling happens automatically,but not in training mode. What's this bug??

I want to address below PS4 bugs which are happening frequently during online game.

1) When medium bowler bowls and you play a well connected shot, it goes to keeper in next frame. Please fix this.

2) Runs are still getting added to scoreboard even giving out after review.

3) Player is standing out of the crease but 3rd umpire still gives not out.

4) Wicket keeper approaches to ball super slow when it hit the batsman Pads.
Hello - does anyone know how to take the 'new ball' on the nintendo switch. After 80 overs in a test match it keeps telling us 'new ball available' but we cannot figure out how to actually take the new ball - help please!

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