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Competition/Match Designer
Any chance of being able to make groups for competitions? Even if it's just two, what if we want to recreate old World Cups in particular?

Also, how about the option for a page playoff, the type of playoff they have in IPL? 1vs2 winner goes to final, 3v4 winner plays losers of 1vs2 in a single semi-final.

A bonus point option for wins where the NRR of the winner is X times that of the opposition. A team's run rate will be calculated by reference to the runs scored in an innings divided by the number of overs faced.

Stadium(s)! We should be able to set the tournament in one stadium or limit the stadiums to a country, like the tours. If we want to recreate a World Cup the teams will be playing all over the world as in past editions of the game. Or we must make separate teams and assign stadiums which is awfully tedious.

Time of year for random/simulated game weather purposes. Perhaps even a calendar like the tour. If you want to set all the stadium and dates yourself. In fact, thinking about it, it would be nice to set the semi-finals and finals stadiums especially.

That's all for now.
Ability to set weather from random to a static or custom would be nice. Weather effected matches makes things interesting! Especially if you're doing a 50/50 tourney and now you gotta win in 20 overs or I've even seen T20 shortened to 5/5! Adds some random spice.

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