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Taking the batting gameplay to the next level of realism. (W.I.P)
I've been thinking about how the gameplay, particularly the batting could be taken to the next level of realism and had a few ideas I'd like to share just to get them off of my mind.

I admittedly play too much Fifa and thought of some unique ways that batting could possibly be redone into a much more realistic playing experience based on some of the Fifa Skill controls. 

The right stick controls in Fifa made me think up various ways batting strokes could be performed in game.

So imagining you are batting in real life, right hand batsman facing down the wicket side on, my initial control scheme has straight strokes played down the wicket this way <---- left on the Left Stick on the controller, this way ^ to point etc.

Given that Left on the Left stick is the starting point because thats where the batsman is normally facing down wicket, for me it felt more realistic to base this control scheme this way. Of course controls can be switched for left hand, right stick for batting, right being face down wicket or any other way to best suit the player.

Now because my stupid phone won't let me upload photos I'll do my best to just describe everything as best I can.

Now what I think is cool about the following ideas is batting could be made to have a balance of a number of different skills, timing, different shot power, footwork, balance, bat face angle to alter shot types.

Here's how things could work;

Left Stick = Player movement around the crease + Batting Stroke Controls

Flick Left stick Right to Lift bat, the further you press back the higher the backlift. Press and hold R2 when performing a backlift to cancel any other shot type allowing a defensive shot from a backlift position.

Defensive Stroke - Press Left Stick Left to play a straight Defensive Stroke, press in between Down/Left and Up/Left (90 degrees)

Straight Drive - Press Right on the Left Stick to Backlift bat then Flick straight to Left to follow straight through for a straight drive.

Cover Drive -  Press Right on the Left Stick to backlift then flick the stick through to between straight left and Up/Left.

On Drive - Press Right on the Left Stick to backlift then flick the stick through to between straight left and Up/Left.

Cut Shot - Press Right on the Left Stick to Backlift then motion through between Right and Up/Right to perform a cut shot.

Leg Glance - Press Right on the left Stick to backlift then motion through between Right and Down/Right to perform a Leg Glance.

Square Drive - Press Right on the Left Stick to backlift then motion up between up/left and up/right

Sweep Shot - Press Right on the Right Stick to backlift then motion around to up then Left then down in between down left and down right in a circle motion to perform a sweep shot.

Pull Shot - Press Right on the Left Stick to back lift then motion around to up then pull straight down in between down/left and down right to perform a pull shot.

Hook Shot - Press Down/Right on the Right Stick and motion a full circle up and around to between down/right.

Each stroke would allow for varied back lift and varied follow through of motions to affect timing and power.

Right Stick = Footwork/Balance/Sway/Duck

This part of the idea brings in footwork where you would need to time your footwork together with your shot type to maximize the efficiency of your stroke play and bring in the need for good timing of foot placement along with stroke play.

Standing at the crease imagining top down above the batsman pressing the right stick, the further you press in one direction the further the stride for each foot. From Down around to left to Up. 180 degrees is the left foot range. From Down around to Right to up is the back foot range.

Press R3 and hold to sway batsman backward by pressing down or forward or right to duck.

Shot modifier: Press and hold R3 and press Down to sway back then press up left on the Left stick to attempt a ramp shot to bouncers.

Press and hold R3 and hold Right to duck then press Left on the Left stick to attempt a ramp shot from a full delivery.

So an example of how this would work is; Press L2 to lock in crease position (you can move around or down wicket freely if you choose) then as the ball is delivered press Left on the right stick to time your stride forward then follow through with your shot type with the Left Stick whether it be defensive or attacking. 

The cool thing about this is it would allow for precise foot placement and more accurate stroke play because of the direction you choose to stride and direction you could play your shots, I guess its just a matter of getting everything to work tidily based on all the variables these controls add but the types of shots that can be played depending on timing and the choice of more delicate or aggressive strokes for each type would add a great deal of tactical depth to the batting gameplay. To add to this further I imagined being able to add the following;

Precision Hand Movement.

L1= Rotate Bat handle anticlockwise during stroke

R1= Rotate Bat handle clockwise during stroke

This simple addition could add even more variation to shot types like a finer leg glance or loftier or lower cut shots, slog sweeps etc...

I don't know how much merit these ideas have if any at all but its been fun thinking them up. Hope the team gets something out of them.

Will add or change this if I feel the need.

Thanks for reading.  Big Grin

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