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Early problems Cricket 19 demo-
- I am unable to play a pull shot to behind sqaure leg in practice. The leg glance is the only shot to get the ball behind square leg
- Animations for tapping the bat play as the ball is being released by the ball machine, which makes it very hard to time the ball correctly

+ A career mode as a coach/selector/team manager for BBL, IPL, and even international teams would be very fun
+ A tactics bar for captaining the team - when playing career mode as an individual character and the team is batting as AI and you're trying to bat for a draw, being able to ask the team to bat conservatively would be good. And the other way - asking your team to bat aggressive for a declaration.
In addition to this...

+ In career mode the game should halt showing scoreboard after every over, so that we as captain have time to analyse,  change bowler and plan any other strategy. The scoreboard should display pages to show graphs etc. Captain gets almost no time after any over for planning. Before we think anything,  the bowler is already on its run up. Similarly, during batting,  there should be a game pause after every wicket so that the captain may change batting lineup if he wants to.

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