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Scenario Mode Game Summary?
Hey Guys,

In trying out the Scenario designer there's one thing I felt was missing, a preview of what the scenario is. A summary of the state of the game, to make it easier to track what you are up to in creating your scenario. This is especially difficult to do when you are creating a 4th innings of a test match and you lose track of where you might be up to, it's impossible to go back to a previous innings without erasing changes and checking what you were up to.

Not sure if this is just something that hasn't been done for the demo, but should at least be considered for the final game to allow people who don't necessarily name each scenario what it is, ie: "Chase 200 in 50 balls". Calling it something like, "Fast Chase". This would also be helpful for when downloading specific scenarios to know which ones you may/may not be interested in downloading.

TLDR; There is no summary for scenarios to tell you what the scenario is. Would make it easier to know what is actually happening and what to download.


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