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How I felt about cricket 19?
I have played all the Don bradman and ashes games that came before this game and i felt that there was a significant increase in quality as the time passed .
I have few things to say about this game 
What I liked :
-The scenario designer and other academy stuff
-I played the practice session as a spinner and the ball spun well
-The pro mode in bowling is also great 
-Batting and bowling are good

what i didn't like(I know that few out of these will be fixed when the final build releases)
-The long loading screen before starting any match.
-If possible please keep the loading screen images dynamic(add multiple images of bowlers ;not only Stuart Broad)
-For some reason loft shots are not working when advancing down the track (when trying to hit in front of the wicket,;loft works when trying to hit square of the wicket)
-Graphics don't seem to be much polished
-The UI for bowling(the black wheel on screen) has sharp edges and needs to be anti aliased.
-Hitting the ball behind the wicket is really tough unlike ashes 2017.

As far as i played this game I really liked this and I hope BIG ANT devs will tweak the game a bit and will make the game a beast.

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