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What I think this game needs
First of all - it´s a great gamen and I´m happy that we have a good Tennis Game on xbox.

What I think this game needs:

Players with same stats online:

i like to compete against other players - but it´s boring that everyone uses Nadal or downloaded Djokovic to have the much better player.
In online Mode I would like to see 2 things:

First Every player gets the same stats online - so there is no player advantage - everyone can play the player he or she likes most without disadvantage.
Second:  The stats could be choosen at "Full" stats or the weakest player stats - for example If I use a player with overall strengh 49 and somene uses Nadal he also gets reduced to 49 or me increased to Nadal.

I also want to see a Tournament where more players can compete against each others like on Fifa Ultimate team - maybe a full set and the winner goes to the next round?
Maybe with winning a tournament you can unlock something special?

Some thoughts on Simulation:

I like Manager games as well so I like to simulate careers - but my Player has all the time only orange "form" point? So i loose alot of games and don´t know why. The coaching teams you can buy are not the best - so it would be nice if you can unlock new Teams with winning tournaments or whatever.

What I really miss - maybe you can make some money with it:
double handed Forehand like the backhand - Seles for example played both.

I´m sure you could make some money if you introduce some players like Monica Seles / Martina Hingis / Gabriela Sabatini and so on - download for very low Money or make a classic pack to download?
I know the comunity and I think it´s great - but I would like to see real players made by your Studio and would even pay for it.

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