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Rugby League Live 4 PC Mods - 2019
Just in time for tonights game, here are the 2019 All Stars jerseys!!

2019 Indigenous All Stars

[Image: sROjaJC.jpg]

2019 Maori All Stars

[Image: 5Rc3w7f.jpg]
Great work mate
Nice work on the new All Star jerseys. All those patterns must have been hard to get done. Any chance of seeing some of the new Indigenous, Women In League or Anzac jerseys for clubs?
Thanks guys. Yep, I will try to do all clubs jerseys this year so Indigenous and Women In League will be there.
Both All Stars jerseys have been updated to add shorts sponsors and the Maori All Stars jersey has had a colour adjustment as it was a bit off.

Just download from the original All Stars post.

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