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stuttering/lagging/ghosting gameplay occurs randomly
I am an intel uhd 630 graphics user and i get 65 FPS max and 48 FPS min and 55/60 avg gameplay fps.

1. bug is that when i start a match it works great but all in sudden the fps and graphic quality reduces and gameplay starts to lag and the ball gets ghosting in moment.
if i start another match it works great again but when i load the glitchy match again the gameplay is ghosting...

one thing i have seen is when i play with ENGLAND and AUSTRALIA teams it works great overall but when i play with other teams i get this problem (Rosters updated with the latest high rated team via academy).

i have tried to lower the gfx settings but nothing works and reducing the quality is not an acceptable thing here because the game itself works great in high settings but some bug causing this problem at random times.

2. Also the batsmen doesnt respond to hit the ball but animation comes when the ball is already reached to wicket keeper. this happens whenever i try to hit the ball at lil late timings.

Its just a horrible experience and worst bug to an year old game. i have recorded a video of this problem please checkout:

Also i will share the save games of my lagging gameplay matches please do play these save games to find if the lag appears to you (ignore the Aus vs Eng match) :

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