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Bug Report: career mode, crashed after two balls, two wickets
Platform: PS4 Pro System Software 6.20
Game Version: 1.10 
Game Mode: Career
Match Type: 50 overs
Teams used: Coffs Harbour (player controlled - career player only), Lismore (AI) 
Ground: Lismore
Over Count: 0.2
Issue: Crashed after two balls, two wickets
Bug description (detail): 
Pro difficulty, Coffs Harbour non-player controlled player was bowling (I was fielding). Two wickets taken in the first two balls, first one bowled out, second one caught out. Then the game crashed, possibly just before the replay (I looked away). Crash report sent via PS4. Save resumed, but at 0 balls bowled.

Worst part is, it wasn't reproduced in the resumed game and Lismore are presently 0/161 after 25 overs.

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