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Is this really the end :(
Sounds like I may not need to this forum anymore so - 

That news FUCKING sucks 

I couldn't watch the video so thanks for the PA work babe (taps bum on way out and sips whiskey)
At this stage and never are two different things... I'll remain optimistic until my heart is ripped out.
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Im too old for at this stage its now (soonish) or never
Ok just had a listen that sounds very damning, if I were a multi millionaire this is were I'd step in and get hold of these fucking nrl licensing rights just so I could have someone make me a new game lol
I bloody well hope not cos we could be set back many years if it has to be started from scratch yet again.

I just want to know whos idea it was to reboot after RLL2. That game was near perfect and just needed a dpad set play depth option to counter intercepts and it would have been nigh on perfect. RLL3 was a downgrade and RLL4 didnt really improve on anything in my opinion.

If this is the end for Rugby League by Bigant I wish you all the best for the future.
We know TB's record of switching to wicked witch. I really like what WW done options and game settings wise with AFL E. but given their effort with Rugby Challenge (pretty much just squad updates and 7s), if they take over league that's all we'll probably get for at least 2 games.
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Wow, "it's not on the drawing board"... it means it's finish for now... Well, if WW releases the next RLL it just will be a disaster... Very bad news...
If they gave a shit they should be fixing the current game before even thinking about anything in the future.

How hasn't the New Zealand - Gold Coast feeder bug or the no try added to stats in a bonus zone been fixed yet?

And let's face it, its never going to be fixed is it.
Be nice to hear from Big Ant on this one

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