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Hi all,
I'm not sure this is the place for tech support, but my game freezes during almost every career match (not in any other mode discovered so far), after anything between 4 and 8 games. To clarify, the application becomes unresponsive and GPU usage drops to 0%, but ambient sound (crowd etc.) is still ongoing, nothing else is unstable (Steam and other overlays still activate) and I have to end the process in task manager.

The autosave puts me back in the match with anything between 2 and 6-7 games "lost" which is quite annoying. What could be the cause of this? I've tried lassoing the exe to a specific die, and even a specific core within one die, but it doesn't seem to help. Is AO known to have problems on certain architectures?

AMD Threadripper 2950X
64 GB 3,200 CL14 memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
AMD RX Vega 64

To clarify, this happens in both windowed and fullscreen mode, regardless of which GPU I start the application on.

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