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Big Bash Boom on Nintendo Switch
I actually really enjoy this game. It’s Arcady like Jam Sessions but also has a lot of detail like Ashes cricket. A nice melting pot of the two.

Just wanted to mention cut scenes are a bit laggy and it could do with some smoothing over. At that price point I am happy with the game overall but would like to see some lag improvement Smile

Also I think you’d sell way more if you drop the price and changed the logo on switch, because a lot of people would be clicking it and they don’t know it’s a cricket game, I know that might be uncomfortable reading, but it might be something to consider. Obviously cricket fans know it’s BBL, but non cricket fans would be oblivious.

Also maybe a camera view of bowlers angle whilst batting.

Anyway, good cricket game, and potentially one of the best sports games on the switch some day, I’m a fan.

I think a lot of your sports games would do well optimised on the switch.

Also, an AFL game in this style, would be Epic.
The new update is superb guys  Smile

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