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DB 2017 Career Mode Crash - PS4
Hi, wondering if anyone can help please?

Played Don Bradman Cricket 2017 last night. When I launched the game originally, it was without internet connection and I was able to continue with my career mode. However once I connected the PlayStation to the internet, the game updated and upon launch, I was asked if I wanted to download the community teams and logos. Seen as the game recommended I did this, it almost seemed rude not to and so I obliged. However, since doing so I'm now unable to continue with my career mode. 

After my player is no longer on strike and I opt to skip to my go again by pressing the square button, the game crashes. I tried this three times and got the same result on each occasion. On the fourth occasion I didn't skip, however the game eventually crashes anyway which I believe was at the end of the over.

From searching on Google, I was advised to delete the logo and team data from the application folder on my PlayStation which also didn't work. I then also tried deleting the whole game and reinstalling which, despite me declining the offer for community logos and teams, the game still crashes at the same point.

Thanks for your time.

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