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EA and Australian Titles
This is as far stretched as a trip to the ends of the earth and back but I noticed this today From EA Games Australia (Twitter page)

"Are you passionate about gaming and are a keen contributor to the Australian & New Zealand gaming community? Are you a creator, designer or artist who would like the opportunity to be involved in upcoming titles? If yes, then get in touch at [email protected]"

Again call me as crazy as your Uncle on christmas day 

They're asking for Australian Creators, Designers and artists to working on upcoming Titles.

Assuming by the way its worded (aiming towards Australians)
They've got something up their sleeves  

who knows, they could just be looking to branch out to have an EA Australia branch to help with their already existing franchises  do they have one of those already?

Could they be looking to focus on Australian sport?


anyway just thought I'd post this to see all your opinions and thoughts, that it I've just made a huge assumption and someone will kick me for it

Anyway cheers lads 

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