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Rugby League Live 5 production
My name is Clayton Cossey, I'm 23 years old and I live in New Zealand.

I am a devoted fan of rugby league, specifically the NRL and have had a passion towards the Rubgy league live titles that are produced by Big Ant/Tru Blu. With Rugby League Live 4 being the latest title a part of this franchise I am currently participating in this games content and do enjoy my experience of this. 

There are many gameplay bugs and glitches that I come across regularly during my gameplay and also a few mechanics that the game has included that i do not agree with as being a part of the game that is rugby league. That being said there are many benefits with the new game league live 4 and I'm very impressed with the progress that the game has endured since the first release of Rugby League Live.

Primarily, I am writing to engage with the development of the next Rugby League live title, in which I assume has started production, to offer my ideas and input for the next game. I am not asking for a job or any money/pay of any kind but just passionately to share from my knowledge of the sport that is Rugby League itself and also my experience of the title Rugby League Live. 

If this request is possible, I hope to hear from a staff member soon. I will leave my email address below.
Kind regards,

[email protected]
Hey dude, there is a Wishlist thread in the Rugby League Live 4 forum which you can share your ideas and opinions for the next game.

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