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please enable player editing during career mode.
I feel this game is so close to being great. I am having a blast with it now. 
Love the fact I can create or download edits of real players and have what resembles a pretty authentic tennis career.

Issue is though. With the patch updates that have added "net aggression", (which have made a massive difference to cpu tendencies and variety,) If you are in career mode, there is no way you can adjust these tendencies and are stuck with everyone at 50. So essentially, how the game is setup, If you have adjusted every player on your roster's net aggression slider etc, you have to start career mode over again to utilize the changes.

Please in the upcoming patches can you modify this so us gamers can edit every player in career mode. Maybe not the ability to adjust a players skills and attributes, name, height, weight etc,, but we should be able to adjust additional individual sliders that patches add to the game to keep our career mode up to date.
Also let us customise every players outfit in career mode to.
More freedom in the game just adds to its enjoyment.
You guys have made a cracking game of tennis now with unreal editing option, Just let us gamers freedom to edit in career mode too.


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