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BA - past employees

Happy campers
Look it isn't my business to meddle but here is the thing, as much as I whine about AO tennis and complain about patches, I do love Big Ant and one can't fault them for creating, what are, fantastic games with unprecedented depth.

Fact is, most developers are irritating self obsessed millenials who call a CEO a "bully" just because their idea of a game and features is far below his/her bar, its simple. Developers mostly always choose the easy route whereas the commercial heads want whats best for the product in the market place.

The free beer bullshit is just not on; it reflects in the number of errors in the games right? I say charge the aholes for Beer and tie them up in a basement where they are forced to code. Glassdoor - the last bastion of hope for the angry and unemployed.

I actually feel sorry for the CEO of big ant, he deserves huge funding as there are serious talents in the shop.

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